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 Bodega Altus and its vineyards are located in the department of Tupungato, in the province of Mendoza. It is part of the region known as Valle de Uco (The Uco Valley).Tupungato is a region of unforgettable beauty already reflected in its first inhabitants, the Huarpes, who named it “tupum-catu”, which can be translated to our language as “star gazer”.

There, in what once were the vast domains of the wise chief Gualtallary, nature is kind to wine: the altitude, the climate the austere soil and the purity of the water descending from The Andes make expressive wines of marked personality.
The vineyards of Bodega Altus are vineyards in altitude. They are located between 1,200 and 1,500ft.asl. They are situated in a region of noticeable thermal amplitude and slow influence of sunlight penetration, which causes a progressive and gradual maturation of the grape skin. This results in complex wines of great personality.
The vineyard itself is treated with adequate technology to achieve high quality wines and contribute to the preservation of the environment. Trellises are used as the conduction method along with drip irrigation.