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Bodega Altus offers different alternatives for the visitor. Without a doubt, the most interesting one is to enjoy the excellent gastronomy of its restaurant, La Tupiña, framed in a beautiful landscape surrounded by vineyards and quietness. 
The concept of its gastronomy is regional with gourmet touches, where even the most traditional Mendocinian cookery and history are put into elaborated dishes. 
This lunch is a luxurious relax, within the tourists’ visit round the area.
The development of our menu is based on cooking in a fireplace of great proportions where the “tupiña”, a cast iron pot, is the star. 
The menu includes
• Tapas 
• Starter
• Main dish
• Sherbets
• Desserts
• Coffee or tea, accompanied with petit fours
• A wide variety of Altus Wines are included in the place setting.